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Author: Nowlan, Linda
Publication Date: March 1993
Pages: 8

The West Coast Environmental Law Association began in 1974.

Author: Andrews, William J.
Publication Date: February 1993
Pages: 9

This report examines several legal issues that should be addressed before establishing economic instruments for environmental protection.

Author: Hillyer, Ann; Nowlan, Linda; Rolfe, Christopher
Publication Date: January 1993
Pages: 139

The following is a comparison of WCELA's October 1991 constitutional recommendations1 with the August 1992 Charlottetown constitutional agreement2 reached by Canada's first ministers ("the agreement").

Author: Andrews, William J.
Publication Date: September 1992
Pages: 8

The development of rules and procedures under the Act is being ushered along by a Regulatory Advisory Committee (the "RAC"), composed of participants from industry, environmental groups, aboriginal peoples organizations, and provincial governments.

Author: Andrews, William J.; Alexander, Lawrence
Publication Date: January 1992
Pages: 3
Author: Alexander, Lawrence
Publication Date: January 1992
Pages: 27

Land use issues have long occupied a central role in environmental disputes in British Columbia. How land and its resources are managed and whether land will be subject to any human impact at all are questions that frequently generate heated public debate.

Author: Hillyer, Ann; Loukidelis, David
Publication Date: January 1992
Pages: 123

Press relations are one of the most important tools at the disposal of community groups today. The news media reaches audiences that are beyond the range of traditional grassroots organizing techniques.

Author: Ura, Michael
Publication Date: January 1992
Pages: 44


1. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. We recommend that the Coordinating Committee conduct environmental impact studies for each of the proposed re-designated areas, and make these studies available for public comment and review.

Author: Alexander, Lawrence
Publication Date: December 1991
Pages: 3


Author: Andrews, William; Alexander, Lawrence
Publication Date: October 1991
Pages: 30