BC Climate Policy

BC had the first economy-wide carbon tax in North America, but its greenhouse gas pollution is rising. Talk about failing to live up to your potential.

West Coast Environmental Law has been on the forefront of demanding a real climate leadership plan from British Columbia – one that will enable the province to achieve the greenhouse gas reduction targets that the Legislature has enshrined in law. 

Until BC has a process for developing science-based plans, and then holding governments accountable for achieving those plans, the province will not do its part to fight climate change.  Our targets remain ambitious compared to the rest of Canada – but at present the BC government has not laid out any credible plan to achieve them (and has rejected the plan developed by its own expert committee).

West Coast Environmental Law will continue to press for government accountability when it comes to its climate targets, and demand that governments adopt a carbon budgeting approach to fighting climate change. 

Top photo: Guilice via Flickr