Professionals and Climate Change

There’s a lot of talk about climate leadership from government, and some about corporate climate leadership. But both government and industry receive their advice from engineers, biologists, foresters, lawyers and other professionals.

What is the role of the professional in helping us fight climate change and prepare for climate change?

Professionals owe a duty to the public, as well as to their employers. They are obliged to use the best available climate science.

Since 2011, West Coast Environmental Law has collaborated with the professional associations governing BC’s engineers, foresters, biologists, agrologists and other professionals to help ensure that their members know about their climate obligations.

We believe that BC’s professional associations are on the forefront of recognizing the duties of their members to help address climate change.

Click here to read a joint statement signed by the Association of BC Forest Professionals, Association of Professional Biology, College of Applied Biology, Planning Institute of BC and the Landscape Architects of BC on the obligations of their members in relation to climate change.

Click here to read our 2011 report, Professionals and Climate Change.