Federal Climate Policy

The current federal government has pledged that Canada will “do its part” to fight climate change. We work to hold the government to that promise.

Canada’s track record in fighting climate change is not good. From being the only country to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol to making weak international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, Canada needs to do more – and better – in the fight against climate change. 

West Coast Environmental Law works, both on its own behalf and as member of the Climate Action Network Canada, to press the Canadian government to take action on climate change. 

  • We pressed the Canadian government to inclue science-based decision-making and accountability in its national framework on climate change. (See Carbon Budgeting)
  • We continue to call on the Canadian government to follow through on its promise to adopt a more ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target that will see Canada “do its part.”
  • We met with Canadian government negotiators at the 2015 Paris climate negotiations, urging Canada not to limit future international negotiations on climate change-related loss and damages.

West Coast has been involved in climate action since the early 1990s, and we will continue to work for strong climate policies in Canada for years to come.