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Interested in becoming part of RELAW? 
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Community Call-out

The RELAW project was launched in 2016, and aims to deepen community-based capacity to engage in articulation, revitalization, and application of Indigenous law to environmental decision-making and proactive land and water management. RELAW provides co-learning opportunities and legal support to Indigenous nations using their own laws to address environmental issues affecting their territories.

RELAW is a project of West Coast Environmental Law. RELAW actively supports and is supported by the Indigenous Law Research Unit (ILRU) at the University of Victoria, Faculty of Law.

Indigenous nations with an interest in developing a RELAW Learning Partnership should contact Maxine Hayman Matilpi, RELAW Program Lead at or 604-684-7378 (ext. 226) before October 31, 2019.

RELAW Learning Partnerships

Indigenous nations participating in RELAW Learning Partnerships will have access to a year of pro bono (free) legal services and co-learning opportunities for community members focused on approaches to researching, applying and enforcing Indigenous law. Through RELAW, legally trained staff from West Coast work with community members selected by their nation to:

  1. Draw on stories and the wisdom of elders to develop a summary of legal principles related to land and resources/environmental governance in your legal tradition;
  2. Develop a written law, policy, agreement or plan grounded in your own laws and community dialogue, and/or
  3. Develop and put into action a plan for implementing and enforcing your laws on a particular environment or resource development issue.

For more information see: Background on RELAW Learning Partnerships.


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